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Vitae Cellular Detoxification

(Cellular Detoxification)

Vitae Cellular Detoxification

Throughout our life we continuously take on toxins from our environment. Our bodies work very hard to eliminate these and the threats they bring with them, but over time our defenses can become overrun, resulting in illness.

By gently detoxifying on a cellular level, we support our bodies' efforts and allow healing to occur on a deeper and permanent level.

We use a wide variety of treatments, including Heel homeopathic remedies, biotherapeupic drainage, detoxifying herbs, chelation, hydrotherapy treatments, and many more.

By providing you with an individual treatment plan (which may be a combination of the above services), we will truly address the root cause of your illness - and once your symptoms resolve, ensure they don't return.

We look forward to helping you on your path to wellness!

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