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Conditions Treated

Practice makes Perfect! - Our goal is to help you create optimal Health

At Vitae Health Center, we strive to create health by restoring communication between organ systems, improving metabolic and circulatory function and establishing a biochemical balance within the body. This allows optimal health to be achieved and symptoms to resolve.

It is therefore difficult to create a complete list of conditions, as our focus is on treating the person and not the illness. This is because a disease is simply a name given to explain symptoms; and symptoms are nothing more than a warning signal that an imbalance exists. We like to use this analogy with our patients: if there is a fire and the fire alarm is going off, do you turn off the fire alarm and allow the fire to keep burning?

Establishing conditions for health allows healing to occur that is much deeper than simply covering up any symptoms. It's important to address symptoms to provide short term relief, but it is most important to continue beyond mere symptom relief.

The following is an incomplete list of common conditions (symptoms) for which you, your family and loved ones may seek treatment:

Acne Acid Reflux Adrenal fatigue
Anemia Allergies Anxiety
Asthma Autoimmune disease Bursitis
Bronchitis Acute/chronic fatigue Colitis
Common Cold Constipation Congestive heart failure
Cough Crohn’s Depression
Diabetes Diarrhea Ear infections
Eczema Endometriosis Enlarged prostate
Erectile dysfunction Fatigue Fibroids
Fibromyalgia Flu GERD
Gout Graves Disease Headaches
Heart Disease Hepatitis HIV/AIDS
High cholesterol Hot flashes Hypertension
Hypothyroid IBS Insomnia
Interstitial Cystitis Kidney failure Low Back Pain
Low libido Macular degeneration Menopause
Migraines Multiple Sclerosis Obesity
Osteoporosis Osteoarthritis Ovarian Cysts
Pain Management Parkinson’s Pre/Post Surgical Recovery
Premenstrual Syndromes Prostatitis Psoriasis
Rheumatoid arthritis Scars Seizures
Acute/Chronic Sinusitis Strains/Sprains Tendonitis
Urinary Tract Infections Whiplash Injury Yeast Infections

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