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In Praise of Vitae

Testimonials from patients of Vitae Health Center - Our goal is to help you create optimal Health

"It was a wonderful appointment. Dr. Mueller was professional, kind and very knowledgable. She spent lots of time with me going over everything, which is very refreshing in today's rush treatments. She is awesome and I will be returning!" --- S

"Only a few days on the new program, and I am starting to feel very “normal” again! Thanks for working your magic." --- TK

"Excellent listener, compassionate, sound advice."
--- Anonymous

"I was suffering with allergies for years. I went to Dr. Mueller and with her help, my allergies are fully under control."
--- EE

“Since being in Dr. Mueller's care I have finally felt at ease, and know without a doubt that the person who has my healthcare in their hands really does care about me and my road to recovery and wellness. She has eased all my fears, makes me feel comfortable in every way and has always offered noninvasive simple treatment plans that do not disrupt the flow of living a normal life. Dr. Mueller is not only caring but she also is very intelligent and down to earth.” --- RD, Bothell, WA

"My daughter referred me to Dr. Mueller because I was feeling run down and tired for over four months, which wasn't normal for me. Dr. Mueller discovered I had low thyroid hormone output. I now take a daily thyroid hormone and have more energy - and feel so much better." --- CS

"Excellent and thorough doctor, very good at trying to get to the root of your problem. Dr. Mueller does not have the usual 'I already know what your problem is without even listening to you speak' attitude that most doctors I have seen do." --- Anonymous

"I am so excited to finally start seeing results!" --- D

"Very easy to talk to, Dr. Mueller makes you feel very comfortable and like you are being fully listened to. Compassionate, has a very open and positive spirit that is infectious. I feel I am her priority w/ my health goals a complete focus while with her." --- Anonymous

"Dr Mueller is really nice and personable. She shows how much she cares and devotes her time really well. I appreciate her and I am thankful to have her as my doctor." --- KS

"Dr. Mueller is one of the most thorough doctors I have seen. Very attentive." --- Anonymous

“Dr. Mueller is the most talented craniosacral therapist I have ever gone to. I have found that an hour on her table is worth several hours of massage therapy. I have referred several of my massage clients to her to deepen and further their healing process.” --- CH, LMP, Seattle, WA

“Dr. Mueller has the amazing ability during CST to create space for me to heal, my way, while still making me feel supported. She is very gifted and helpful in my healing.” --- AH, Seattle, WA

Testimonials from patients of Vitae Health Center - Our goal is to help you create optimal Health

“Dr. Mueller's craniosacral therapy is better than Xanax. You can quote me on that.” --- TB, Mill Creek, WA

"I am so happy to have Dr. Mueller. I feel she really cares about how I am doing. I have recommended a number of my friends and family to see her. She really is one of the best." --- Anonymous

“Dr. Mueller holds incredible space for others in their healing process. She brings substantial experience and great heart to her work. She will remain at the top of my referral list for years to come.” --- CS, LMP, Seattle, WA

"I began going to see Dr. Mueller for craniosacral therapy after a neck injury and I felt a big difference right away. I had never felt so relaxed before! Susan definitely has healing hands and I would highly recommend her to anyone, especially anyone with a chronic condition." --- SY, Kirkland,WA

"I had psoriasis covering much of my head. Dr. Mueller helped me get rid of it without costing me a ton of money in supplements or procedures, simply by identifying my true food sensitivities!" --- RH, Everett,WA

"In my experience, Dr. Mueller is very receptive to patients who prefer to take responsibility for their own health and will combine her considerable expertise with the patient's own research to achieve optimal results." --- Anonymous