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Vitae Pain Management - Trigger Point Therapy

Being in Pain is no fun. It affects every aspect of our life—our sleep, our mood, our ability to perform everyday activities.

At Vitae Health Center we have many effective pain management tools to quickly free you from pain, so we can concentrate on getting to the root of your problem together.

Trigger Point Therapies

A trigger point is a tiny muscle spasm, a tender point under the skin where you may feel a tiny “knot”. When you push on this area you will feel pain at the site and pain that radiates out. These knots cause decreased blood flow to the area, increased inflammation and increased nerve firing that triggers even more pain. Trigger points also cause referred pain, or pain and tension felt in another part of the body.

There are different ways to treat these muscle tension “knots” - most commonly with injection therapy.

With injection therapy areas of chronic pain are directly injected with various medicinal solutions to provide immediate symptomatic pain relief. Giving local anaesthetic such as procaine (and/or vitamin B12 or homeopathics) to a trigger point forces the muscles to relax.

This in turn increases blood flow to the area, decreases the inflammation and nerve firing that triggers pain. The result is no more muscle spasm, no more pain. For even more information about trigger points and trigger point therapy, please visit our health article about the subject.

Neural Therapy

Vitae Pain Management - Neural Therapy
Neural Therapy is an amazing and effective holistic healing modality used widely by physicians world-wide to treat the underlying cause of pain and other illnesses.

As we collect injuries through surgery, accidents or just “life” we can create blockages that are usually silent and asymptomatic. However, these blockages can create problematic symptoms, often elsewhere in the body.

For example, a person who has a scar on their leg and years later experiences shoulder pain. The scar is the primary interference and the symptoms are perceived in the shoulder. The shoulder pain can go on for years, and treating the shoulder does nothing... until the primary disturbance in the leg is treated.

How does Neural Therapy work?

Neural Therapy involves injections of local anesthetics such as Procaine, Vitamin B12, or homeopathic remedies into nerve sites, acupuncture points, scars and other tissues.

This works by recharging the area and stabilizing the cell membrane's electrical potential so the “error” in the autonomic nervous system is temporarily corrected. Each repetition of treatments improves the ability for the body to recharge and maintain the necessary potential. Over time, the interference is removed and so is the pain, leaving you free to enjoy all that life has to offer.

Vitae Pain Management - Neural Prolotherapy
Neural Prolotherapy

Neural prolotherapy is based on the premise that hundreds of nerves exist just beneath the skin and play a key role in regulating pain & healing. We know that these superficial nerves help control the pain signals from all the tissue directly beneath them. This allows us to provide pain relief without injecting deep into a painful area.

Treatment typically involves 6-8 sessions of injections just under the skin with a very small needle. Additional treatment sessions are sometimes needed if a patient has prior surgeries, and/or significant underlying medical illnesses (diabetes, autoimmune disorder or history of cancer.) Treatments are completed within 10-20 minutes. At most the patient may have some brief tenderness at the injection site or a small bruise. Physical activity is not restricted post-injection, with most patients returning to their usual workouts the same day or next day.

Other Pain Management Therapies

These are a few of the tools we have to rid you of your pain. Other tools include:

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