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Naturopathic History

Hippocrates - the father of natural medicine

As a distinct health care profession Naturopathic Medicine is almost 100 years old. Its philosophy and therapies have their origins in the philosophy of Hippocrates and the healing wisdom of many cultures and times.

At the turn of the century, practitioners of a variety of medical disciplines combined natural therapeutics in a unique way. They joined together to form the first Naturopathic medical societies.

Naturopathic medical conventions in the 1920’s attracted more than 10,000 practitioners. Early in the 20th century there were more than 20 Naturopathic colleges, and Naturopathic physicians were licensed in a majority of the states.

Naturopathic Medicine experienced a decline in the 1940’s and 50’s with the rise and popularity of pharmaceutical drugs, technological medicine, and the widespread belief that these therapies could eliminate all disease. It has experienced a resurgence in the last two decades, as a health conscious public seeks out alternatives to conventional medicine.

As a body of knowledge, Naturopathic Medicine continues to grow and evolve.

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